What is Babytale?

Babytale is a digital book in the internet. It is a virtual version of the traditional printed babybook - but it is easier to edit, easier to add photos, and in addition you can use as much or as little imagination, creativity and time as you feel like! There are ready-made templates, just like in the traditional printed babybook, but babytale templates can also be edited as wished - move images and text boxes, change font, etc. You can also start with an empty page, but even then are the icons available for you.


Babytale's pricing is based on time the book is valid for building. The choices are 1,2,3,4 or 5 years, but it is possible to extend the time period at any time, so it is good to start with one year.
1 year 25 euros
Additional years 5 euros each

You can print your book yourself for free by taking out a PDF file, that you can keep as digital, or print it on paper. The PDF file is easy to do, just one click! You can also get the book printed as a high-quality hard-cover copy with your own cover, e.g. the baby's picture.
The price of the book depends on the number of pages and starts from 44 euros.


It is possible to buy a voucher to Babytale for give for example to the baby's parents. The choices are 1,2,3,4 or 5 years of book building, i.e. 25 eur, 30 eur, 35 eur, 40 eur or 45 eur. You do not need to register for buying a gift certificate. The voucher is delivered buy email that you can decide to be sent to yourself or directly to the recipient.

If you receive a voucher you should first register as a user, buy the book and in the payment phase the program will ask you to insert the voucher code. After inserting the code the program will automatically subtract the amount of the gift from your purchase price.

Babytale features

Babytale has a book management page, where you can do shopping, invite users and choose access rights. One person can have many books with different access rights.

There are ready-made styles, that configure the fonts and page decoration, but these can be edited according to your own preferences once you have chosen a style and start building the page. As well there are different templates, such as Name giving day, Family tree, Weight/height curves, Favourite toys, etc. The templates can be used as they are or then adjust and edit them as you please. For all that we are able to say that you can use your creativity and time as much or as little as you want! The functionalities work with the same logic throughout the application - drag and drop, i.e. you can just drag the different elements on the page with the mouse.
A picture gallery is at your disposal, where you can upload images from your computer or with the mobile application.

Babytale book can be shared to friends and relatives whom you want to be part of the book building. Each one of them will be given access rights which define what the person can and can not do regarding the book. Access levels are:
Viewing rights - right to only view the book
Upload rights - right to view and upload photos with the mobile application
Edit rights - rights to view, upload and also build the book with you
Author - the author is you and you have full rights to the book

The mobile application is used for uploading photos taken with the phone'a camera to the picture gallery of the book. You can also take photos while you are in the mobile application. The photos are uploaded to a specific book, thus allowing only those people you have given rights to see them. The mobile application is available for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android phones.


The application has Help and FAQ. Also the support is at you service by e-mail in address support@babytale.net.


Babytale comes at the moment in English, Swedish, Vietnamese and Finnish, but we will add language versions as they are needed. Babytale will never be completely ready because we will enhance and develop new functionalities constantly according to the feedback and wishes we get from the users. Your opinion and development suggestions are extremely valuable to us!

Easy to use, try out Babytale demo here: